2nd Annual Power of The Herd 


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2020 Ride-A-Thon

”I want to sign-up, now what?”

1. Click the Register link and complete the form

2. Share information about Inspiration Stables with your family and friends…lots of videos and info on our Facebook page!

3. Ask friends and family to support Inspiration Stables by having each person pledging fill out the Pledge Form by clicking on the link on our web site

4. Begin tracking your rides on the Ride Tracking Form found on our web site

5. Submit your tracking log to rideathon@inspirationstables.org each week

6. Register for our weekly contests to win prizes via the Facebook events on our page

7. Don’t forget to order your Power of the Herd Ride-a-Thon T-Shirt…available now!

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Print tickets and send to 
PO Box 16
Peosta, IA 52068 



Email tickets to
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Sharon Meyer

2020 Ride-A-Thon & other Inspiration Stables merchandise is available now!
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